Aber Monday: The Promenade (North Beach)

Hello and welcome to what is the first of (hopefully) many Aber Monday posts. I LOVE the place I live now, and I realise that a lot of people know very little about Aberystwyth, so I thought I'd share some snippets every Monday on my favourite things here in Aber. So, I hope you enjoy it!

I thought I'd start with my absolute favourite feature in Aber: The promenade. The promenade is over 100 eyars old, and is separated into a South and North beach. The Pier is in the middle. This post is about the Northern part, which is where I live, and, frankly, is the nicest part:)

The nearest pub; The Glengower Hotel (known as The Glen). Part of the hotel used to be the houe of Sir John Williams, the man who founded the National Library of Wales - and was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper-case. Spooky!

The promenade, leading into town.

The end of the promenade - the black building is called Alexandra Hall:) The hill behind is Constitution Hill.

This is what happens when the waves hit the shore - all these pebbles are from one night of storms! No one parks their cars on the seafront in that weather:)

I haven't been to this place yet as it's only open during summer, but it's on my list.

The Shop on the Prom, in case you can't be bothered to walk the five minutes to the Spar in town.

A view of the Pier, Old College, Castle ruins and WWI/II memorial, seen from North Beach.

You get some amazing sunsets from my window...

The Pier at night. Pier Pressure is a nightclub, Inn on the Pier is a sleazy bar, and the Amusements are... amusing?
- And that's pretty much the seafront! Did you enjoy your tour?



A month and a half. How did that happen? I'm sorry. I've been busy, but I feel I am repeating myself here. I always say I'm busy. But so is the working single mother who manages to blog. Yes, I went home for Christmas, went on a two-week cruise, been working on a magazine for the Creative Writing course etc. etc, but I still find time for Facebook, so there you go. Apparently I spent nearly 800 hours on Facebook last year, which I think is pretty pathetic.

I've realised that while being social with friends here and getting work done I don't have time to write really thoughtful posts every day - so I've decided to try out a blogging plan of doing certain things on certain days. I always enjoy Laura Marcella's Monday quotes and Wednesday Workouts, and Talli Roland's Sweet Sundays and Ten for Tuesdays - so I may have to do something similar. I'm still not quite sure of what I'll be writing about, but I hope you'll read it anyway:) Lately I feel that Friends & Crocodiles has been TOO focused on writing, I get enough of that during the day, you know? Yes, it's massively entertaining to read other writer's blogs, but at the same time I love reading fashion, vintage, food, and all other kinds of blogs. So I'm thinking of incorporating that here, and hopefully blogging will be fun again, and not just a chore. Also, I'm going to do some massive updates on my travel blog, which is crying out for attention. Since the last time I updated, I've been to some of these places:


Cabo san Lucas.

NCL's Norwegian Star.

Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama Canal, USA (Miami, L.A. and Key West), as well as several places in the UK. Phew!


Time Warp

Ouch. What happened? It's been a while since I've gone this long without posting! I've missed it, I can tell you. Let me show you what I've been doing.

- Writing 2000 words of poetry (as well as 2000 words commentary to go along with the poetry).

Aloysius is not impressed.

- Written 3000 words of creative work + 2000 words commentary.

- Started a magazine along with some other students from class. It will accept submissions from all Aber inhabitants until the 1st of February, so please send in if you've got anything (e-mail to abersubmissions@gmail.com)!

- Gone to London for a week (which is why I missed out on Tallis blog-splash - I'm so sorry, Talli! But you seem to have done good nonetheless, haha).

Phew! Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway), a vacation will be very welcome right about now. I'm going to the hairdresser on Monday, as well as a Christmas dinner with the ladies' gold team, then there's a postgraduate party on Tuesday, then on Friday I'm officially on holiday! This semester has been SO much work, I can tell you. Ugh. Will visit all your blogs later tonight, I've been missing reading everyone's thoughts!



My cat died of kidney failure yesterday. I can't remember the last time I was this sad. I've lost such an important part of me.


A sonnet in the memory of Dudle (1996-2010)

Some say grief is like an endless shower of rain,
drizzling down upon on a mountain of sadness and pain.
It will only stop when you climb to the very top,
and get out your umbrella to stay clear of every drop.
That can be difficult, sometimes,
because sometimes
the enveloping wetness of rain, this water-wheel
is all you are able to feel,
and you need to feel something - anything.
So you settle for the rain and what it will bring.
Umbrella-produced jadedness, you say,
is not a place you would want to stay,
until you realise that it's not about being jaded
it's about climbing down that mountain unaided.


Meet George Quest

This is ground-breaking, people! I was watching an old episode of Heartbeat (yes, yes, just like your grandmother), an episode called "Russian Roulette". Suddenly this man comes on (a guest star), and I nearly choked on my Dr. Pepper. It was George! Yes, he was playing a russian fisherman, so the hair and costumes were off, but the face - the posture - the voice: It was just like I had always pictured George. Have you ever had one of those revelations? One thing is for certain; when I'm published and get a film deal (oh yes, it will happen), I will get my people to approach Stanley Townsend about playing George:)

- And here he is!

(photo courtesy of google images)

What do you think of my George? I've got Jolyon already, but Miss Berryfield is still very much in the dark (I've been thinking about Natalie Dormer as of late, but something isn't quite right about her for Bizzy). I don't set out to find actors that fit, but when I do see them it makes me so excited! I've had the mother of unproductive days today too, so this ending was very uplifting! If only I had time to write about George - he's still stuck on the bloody M/S Viking:)


How I Wish I'd Spoken Up

How I Wish I'd Spoken Up.

We first met on a breezy autumn day
Your glasses fell to the floor and there they lay
Until I picked them up and gave them to you
You said 'thank you', and 'how do you do?'
The rest, as they say, is history
a clichéed amorous allegory
Or it would have been, had I only spoken up
that day, when we shared a coffee cup
I can hear your thoughts, a slight dissappointment
of this ridiculous adolescent
sitting across the table
trying to speak up, but unable
You think; if you love me, won't you let me know?
How I wish I could tell you, or maybe show
what I feel and maybe you'd feel the same
How I would love it if you would say my name,
and then say that you loved me too
nothing big, I don't want too much ado
don't you think we'd be great together?
I bet we'd survive any kind of weather
I know I've had only rainy days since we first met
but I really don't mind getting wet
I had my chance, and I didn't take it
and it's too late now, goddamnit
don't think I haven't seen you with her
but I know it's me you'd prefer
she's just the second best
but still it's too late for me to protest
as I said I had my chance
we've had our last dance
that day at the café
when I didn't say what I wanted to say
I'm over it now, well almost anyway
but let me know if you turn single one day

I like couplets. They can go on forever:)